Unique + Convenience + Quality = That’s how we roll.

Meet Jon + Mike - just 2 guys from Canton.  Both born and raised here and now working the good, old fashioned 8-5 grind, they found themselves asking “where in the heck does all the time go?” And “why do I have to sacrifice an evening or weekend to get a haircut...there must be a more practical way."


So in classic “necessity is the mother of invention” fashion - the genesis of Hairstream HQ emerged: an easier way busy professionals could get quality salon service while adding prime time back into their lives.


How? 1 word, 2 syllables: Airstream.  Pretty riveting idea, huh?! 


Situated in a bespoke 1973 Airstream,  The HQ serves up salon and massage services to people at a place most convenient for them.  From a workplace campus during the workday…to a location where you're celebrating a special hey-day, we will go wherever to make getting haircuts, styling, and pampering a more convenient, stress-free and memorable experience.


Curious when The HQ is coming to a spot near you? Check out our Rolling Schedule. Don’t see your workplace on there? Or have a private event you want to make more memorable? Ping us a note – we’d love to get you on board!

Mike and Jon
Blind Barber
blue hair girl
Elegant Hairdo
Men's Cut
Men's Haircut